Buy David Bassin a coffee


For the price of a coffee, you can book yourself on one of my virtual tours. They are; Harry Potter and the Edinburgh Connection, Edinburgh Old Town the City on the Crag, and King Arthur and the Scottish Connection (descriptions below). Any money given is appreciated and I understand its hard times for us all. What I suggest is pay the minimum to come along (£3) and if you honestly feel the tour was worth more then what you paid, pay the difference after the tour.

These are for a limited time as I will be partnering up with other platforms soon. I’ll be running the tours across Zoom so you’ll need the app to come along.

The times for the tours below are when I’d like to run the tours but I am flexible and am willing to do the tour any day of the week. 

Being that I have so many friends in Australia, I am putting in both UK and AUS times. 

The Tours

Harry Potter and the Edinburgh Connection (UK 15:00, AUS 17:00)

  The Harry Potter series has changed the face of children’s literature and he’s been hailed as the hero of a generation. But did you know that the author J.K Rowling wrote most of the first four books and the last book in the beautiful city of Edinburgh? She was down on her luck when she first moved to Edinburgh as a single mother living off government welfare. With little to live on, she walked around this beautiful city, drawing inspiration and formulating ideas to create one of the greatest literary works of all time. On this virtual tour, I’ll show you the street she walked down, the places she saw, and how much of Edinburgh made its way into the books. I’ll also sprinkle in many of my favorite characters and the inspiration behind them. 


Edinburgh Old Town, the City on the Crag. (UK 10:00, AUS 19:00)

 Have you always wanted to come to Edinburgh but haven’t found the time or the money? Why not do the next best thing and enjoy the streets, sites, and history of this beautiful city that was built along an extinct volcano crag from the comfit of your own home. On this virtual tour, I’ll take you around the Old Town of Edinburgh and show you all the sights and telling you about its history, people and folktales. I’ll talk about how the city was formed, the iconic people from Edinburgh’s past and how events in Scottish history shaped the city. We’ll start at the bottom of the Royal Mile, the main street of Edinburgh and walk (virtually) all the way to the top, hop over to the New Town and Grassmarket and finish in a Graveyard. I’ll be telling stories along the way, dropping down side alleys, and take full advantage of what can be done on a virtual tour which can’t be done on a regular walking tour.

King Arthur, and the Scottish Connection (UK 11:30, AUS 20:30)

 The Arthurian legend is one of the cornerstones of the British identity. He was the heroic King who united England and fought off Anglo-Saxon invaders. But where did his legend start? And was he even British to begin with? Come with me on this fascinating journey of theories and hypothesises of how old Scottish tales, events, and customs created one of the most enduring legends of all time. Along the way, I’ll talk about the Scotsman who inspired the wizard Merlin, the old Celtic gods who made their way into a Christian story and the Scottish prince who many have claimed to be the true Arthur. I’ll also sprinkle in the other iconic characters such as Lancelot and Mordred as how that came to be part of the legend. Note; unlike the other tours, the style of this tour is half virtual tour, half presentation. 

 A bit about myself

I came to Scotland from Australia seven an a half years ago and never left as I fell in love with this country almost as much as I love my wife. I became a walking tour guide soon after I arrived and I love telling stories and showing off this beautiful city. I wish to keep doing so in this time of crisis.