I've been a busy bee working away on various odds and ends these few months. I've started work on a whole lot of new stories, poems, and services that hopefully will be available soon.

Here's a short overview

Bermuda: A short snippet of a larger, co-author crime/thriller project I'm working on https://gillespie-writing.com/2022/04/07/bermuda/

A Voice Behind the Door (Title not final): A potential novel/light-novel I've made significant progress on over the past two weeks or so. Inspired heavily by Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House", this supernatural tale follows a family as their lives are forever changed when they move into their idyllic new countryside home.

Reviews: Ever been interested in what a writer reads and the things they take notice of? You can view my reviews on a whole range of media here https://gillespie-writing.com/reviews/

Poems: Whenever the mood grips me I write some poetry, you can view it all on my site or on AllPoetry https://allpoetry.com/Giuseppe_Gillespie

Writing/Poetry Competitions: I've been putting together various competitions open to writers and poets across the globe. You can check out my new "Writing Competitions" section of the website here https://gillespie-writing.com/writing-competitions/