Buy gulin a coffee


Serenity Prayer goes

"God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change..."

But I cannot accept things that are unacceptable and insist on finding a way to change them. You bet my life is not so serene... Not complaining, just wishing more people were bothered enough to want to change the unacceptable status quo.

As I am a traveller and a writer, I asked myself what could I do about it. And guess what?... I came out with this

"Why don't I keep travelling to finish all countries in the world (I'm at 152) and then write about the stupidity of visas, security and (yes!) also the stupidity of all those who are after travelling all countries only to achieve some record to be inscribed in the Guinness Book?"

So far, my travelling has been self-funded and thus kept on a tight budget. However, as the destiantions ahead are going to be more expensive  without some help it's going to be difficult to complete them all.

Well, this is where you find me right now. If you care for independent thinking, crave for honest writing, wish to support ideals which speak to your soul and heart, you have a chance to buy my a piece of serenity: that I could do something about the state of our world and that I am not alone.

As a supporter, your name will be listed in the book I'm writing and you will be able to purchase it at 30% off the price.

Thank you.