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Jul 22, 2021

Hello, hope you are all doing well, As a group Gamers with coffee does do give aways, we have a Sunday's 4pm central time, the show is a live video broadcast to YouTube, twitch, Facebook group. during these shows we often do a give away of something gaming related. This week our winner won a new in the box BattleTech salvage box, inside a surprise new mech!

requirements for having a chance are easy, be a supporter here or a member subscribed to our YouTube channel ,twitch or Facebook ,Instagram ,tic tok. while viewing the show simply say hi so we know you are there. At some point in show we stop, ask people to pick a number then we roll dice live on camera to see who wins, whom ever wins we ship it out free the item we are giving away.

Once you receive it we only ask you post photos in the group so other members know we did send out the gift. That's it easy. see you this sunday,4pm central.

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