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I am a singer songwriter and creator of the Brooklyn Ukulele Festival and Creator of a recent livestream show: Her Song, Her Story, Her Voice. If you've seen the show, or any of my work, consider buying me a cup of coffee so I can continue creating more music for ya'll to enjoy! :)
Cinnamon Schulze
Cinnamon Schulze bought 5 coffees.

That was amazing!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Cinnamon! I'm so glad you liked the show-it was a lot of work that paid off!!!

Kirsty Nicolson
Kirsty Nicolson bought 2 coffees.

Thank you so so much for the coffee Kirsty! Lovely seeing you at the show, and glad you enjoyed Ease of a Murder!!!

Vicki bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for the New Year’s uke play along!

Thank you so much for the coffee! Glad you enjoyed the playalong!!! Have a wonderful New Year!!!

Sabrina @the_introverted_uke
Sabrina @the_introverted_uke bought a coffee.

Happy I made it yesterday- I wish you a happy Christmas ❤️

I'm happy you stayed awake for the jam as well! Thank you so much for coming and the support! This was a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Merry Christmas to you as well!❤️ 

Jack bought a coffee.