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Nomad & digital monk who has been on the road for 3+ years

Hey, I’m Gyula. Glad to see you here!

I've been into photography (13+ years) and iPhoneography (6+ years) for many years, and beside sharing my travel photos on Instagram and my website, I also run a journal to share my thoughts inspired by living as a nomad in the past 3+ years.

"Most people seem to be busy with absorbing the endless impulses of the outer world, while I'm profoundly interested in the inner world and the human experience in particular."

If you like my writings, my photography and what I do with my life, please get me a coffee to support my journey!

Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it.

“Life is meant to be lived, not spent.”

Thanks! Yeah, the iOS app is great. Well done!👏🏻

Someone bought Gyula Rusinczky a coffee.