Buy Jo Chumas a coffee


Hi, it's lovely to meet you online - the safest place to meet right now (April 1, 2020 - #covid19 - just hope you guys are safe and well. 

I'm an award-winning novelist and write novels in the Mystery/Thriller genre. I have been a journalist for many years and have worked as a PR, but that's not what this is about. 

Above all else, I'm a Creative. I am keen to meet other like-minded Creatives. I'll post up some content most days, promise, and if you like what I say and what I do, think about buying me a coffee. 

This is not a big SELL on my novels, although you can check me out one of them here:-

I need your support to live the life I want to live in these uncertain times. I create every day. I am working on a radio play for BBC Radio Scotland at the moment. I produce my own notebooks and sell them on Etsy. I have written seven novels and three screenplays. 

I love creating so while  you check me out, consider becoming a fan and supporting my page. I'll reward you, big time, promise! Keep safe and carry on, Jo xxx