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G'day Folks, LJ Esquire here from "Esquire in Asia" on YouTube. Sharing stories and travel information from Thailand and surrounding Asia.

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Jack Santoro
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Tida and LJ....Keep livin' the life! Thanks for taking us along on your magical journeys. Tilt one for us. Many blessings on you both from SoCal..."Action Jackson n' Erika Amerika👍 💋 

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Enjoy and take care. Love you both ! 

Thank you our friend. Much Love to you 🙏❤️🙏🏽

Rich walker
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Keep making vids cannot wait for the coast trip a thing i want to do

Hello Rich, thank you for the kind support. The coast trip is gonna happen just waiting for a few things to align. cheers mate 👍

Jeffrey - Singapore
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Always love your videos about Thailand and the delicious food you get from the lovely Tida

Hello Jeffrey from Singapore. Thank you for the kind support mate. Hope you are well. Much Love Tida and Esquire ✌️✌🏽

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Not all girls are the same, rock om guys :)

Hazza!! Cheers mate, really appreciate the coffees. rockin' ✌️✌🏽