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G'day Folks, LJ Esquire here from "Esquire in Asia" on YouTube. Sharing stories and travel information from Thailand and surrounding Asia.

If you have enjoyed my videos feel free to "Buy me a Coffee" through this sweet little donation link. Thanks Guys! Peace and Good energy to you all. ✌️
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Hey LJ, your channel has kept me and the wife happy during otherwise sad times of the pandemic and lockdown here in the U.S. We love watching you explore Thailand.  Also, you and Tida make a beautiful couple...we look forward to the upcoming proposal video on YouTube😜. JK, no pressure.  Great watching you guys have fun and live healthy from your running to juicing.  Love and respect from Miami, Florida, USA, Jeff D

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Gladly buy you both a java, mate.👍  I enjoy your adventures in Thailand so much, so have 3 on me!

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Love watching you and Tida.  You were fantastic at Open Mic.

Hello Kathy, thank you for your continued support on our channel. It really means a lot to us. Lots of Love Lj & Tida ❤️

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Greetings from Switzerland ;-)

Yo Yo my Swiss homie ✌️