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Todd, Thanks so much for your Flask tutorials - They're hands-down the best flask tutorials out there (yes, better than Miguel Grinberg's!) - and your deployment tutorial was a complete life saver.  

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awesome articles!

Rob Capps
Rob Capps bought a coffee.

I just stumbled upon your Flask-Session + Redis tutorial, and I have to say it is by far one of the most helpful-- and current-- tutorials on the topic! Thanks!

Farasat Munir
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Thank you! Breakfast just got better.

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First post I've read from this site, loved it! Thanks for making life easier for a newbie like me! 👍 

Everybody is a newbie in living a different chapter of the same progression; it’s a fact easily (and perhaps intentionally) forgotten as we grow. The frustrations I experienced with self-taught programming had nothing to do with language, and everything to do with passive elitism found between lines of tutorials in the form of “implied knowledge.” I’ll never the frustration of knowing people could help others learn, but chose to distance themselves via unhelpful, esoteric, and self-inflating vernacular. If there’s one thing I hope for, it’s that I don’t become self-important enough to help “newbies,” when I deserve that title as much as anybody.