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College professor turned comic book writer—because trying to earn a living as an adjunct professor is funny. (

(H)afrocentric ( stars a posse of disgruntled undergrads of color as they navigate their way through Ronald Reagan University.  Join us on this journey as we create comic strips and content to humor the masses!
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Peace Peace. We out here!

Anwar!  Thank you so much fellow writer and creator. ☺️ 

Jenette Kahn
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Hip, fresh, and whip-smart.  I love (H)afrocentric and look forward to every installment.

Jenette.  You get me!  Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the years.

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Rolondo!!  This is going straight back to Red Bay Coffee for a Charcoal Vanilla Latte.  Thank you. ☕️ 

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Dear Jewels Smith, Just read (H)afrocentric and put up a recommended reading post on my website that you can check out if you're interested: Thank you for your amazing work! I really needed it right now. Please let me know if there's more I can do to amplify your voice or if you'd like me to edit my post. Much Love, harmony :)

Harmony! First off...your name.  Love it.  Your comment.  Love it even more.  The fact that you took time to write a post.  Love it even even more.  Thank you for sharing!  Tell all your friends about us.  We are on all the socials @hafrocentric —particularly active on Instagram.