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College professor turned comic book writer—because trying to earn a living as an adjunct professor is funny. (

(H)afrocentric ( stars a posse of disgruntled undergrads of color as they navigate their way through Ronald Reagan University.  Join us on this journey as we create comic strips and content to humor the masses!
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I hope it’s from Red Bay ❤️

Of course it's going to be from Red Bay!! Vanilla Charcoal Latte with Almond Milk...b/c I'm an annoying vegan!  Haha!! Thank you for all of your support Malila.  And finding my illustrator...whoa, game changer!

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Jewels be the bomb!  Wish we could drink this latte together and catch up.  Thank you for your very important voice.

D!!  What's really good!?  Thanks for providing some much needed fuel to write these comics. You know what it is..thank you always for your support.  ❤️  And yes, one day, when we are out of this global-ass-pandemic we will sip this coffee together.