Grounding Techniques 

Let’s first start off with what grounding actually is. To me grounding is reconnecting with the world around us and becoming present. For me personally, it helps with my sleep, focus, and when working with my psychic abilities. Below I’m going to discuss techniques I’ve used and give other examples of how to ground yourself. 

General Grounding 

The first is a general technique I’ve used intuitively for as long as I can remember. 

You can lay down, sit, or stand. Whatever is most comfortable for you. I really used to do this when grounding before praying and going to sleep so I would typically lay down. Just relax your muscles at first. Start with your head, your face, your jaw. Then move down to your neck, chest, and shoulders. Working in sections is what best keeps me focused when doing this. Just continue down your body relaxing your muscles and feeling your body get heavier in a sense. Once you’ve gone down from head to toe. Start imagining this golden white light from the top of your crown. You may start to feel tingling or a little heat physically when you do this. Start imagining that white gold light slowly moving down through your energy points. It should feel like it’s flowing. From your crown, to the center of your forehead (third eye), to your throat chakra, your heart chakra, through your stomach (solar plexus), to your sacral area, and your root chakra. There are 100s of other energy points in your body, but just going down these main ones from top to bottom help me feel more grounded. 

Grounding to Connect to Spirit 

This second method is one I use when connecting to Spirit for mediumship and tarot readings. 

Essentially you start to relax your body from the bottom up. Like the other technique but instead you start with your toes and move up relaxing each tense muscle. You imagine white vines of light coming up from the ground and wrapping around your feet, your calves, your knees, your thighs, so on and so forth. The vines of white light keep growing and wrapping around you till it meets your third eye. While this is happening, imagine a gold white light swirling around your crown like a tornado. Pulling in information from above whilst you’re staying grounded from below. Again, like the other technique you may feel some tingling! That’s normal. At this point is when I ask for any guides, ancestors, or past loved ones to bring in any messages for the client (or myself depending on who I read for.) 

There are likely a plethora of different methods when it comes to grounding. I just want to say, not all of them have as many steps. It’s as simple as walking on grass barefoot, taking a bath, or enjoying some fruit while the sunshine hits you. But for me these techniques are what works best for me to quiet my mind and really be present. Everyone in general is different and likewise is our energy and what works best for us. 

Protection Ritual 

Next I’d like to present a protection ritual I do in general to protect from negativity. Whether it’s the evil eye, a bad attitude, or a lower vibrational energy, I believe it’s important to protect your energy. 

For this, you’re going to imagine five points of light on your body. One on your third eye that connects to one on your left hip. Then from the light on your left hip, you’re going to visualize it connecting back up to your right shoulder where another point of light is. Connect the light on your right shoulder now to a point of light on your left shoulder. Then bring the light down from your left shoulder down to your right hip. Now pull up this light point back to your third eye. By the end of it, you should be visualizing a life sized pentacle on your body. This exercise can be super confusing without imagery so I’ll be sure to include it in a photo down below.