So you wanna woo a witchy chick, but you’re not sure where to start.

Let me help you out: she probably won’t be impressed with traditional red roses or dinner-and-a-movie. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with those things, but they’re just not where it’s at. Not for her.

See, witchy chicks are deep. They’re in tune with the movement of the stars and the movement of their souls. They know what they want and they concoct spells to achieve or attain it. They know how they feel and they write about it. And they know their own power… so none of that macho sh*t, thanks.

Yes. Yes, I know that I’m making blanket statements. Not every “witchy chick” fits this description, but it’s a solid generalization so we’re just gonna go with it. You can’t cover everybody. /shrug

Let’s start with the basics. You want to take her out?
Feed her spirit before you feed her stomach:

1. The Halloween store 

Duh. All the best spooky goodies! Home decor, jewelry, costumes. If that’s out of season, find a metaphysical shop. Worst case? You can easily substitute the craft store, the thrift store, or heck, even the dollar store. Watch her eyes light up at all the random witchy finds, and enjoy her excitement. Then you can take her for tacos.

2. Book Shops

There’s something so magical about a book shop, as if it holds the wisdom of the ages. You can stand between the shelves and breathe it in, soaking it all up without even cracking a spine. Wander straight to the spiritual or sci-fi fantasy section. Bonus points if it’s a used book shop, because then every story has a story, if you know what I mean. Witches love stories.

As for gifts, this is ridiculously easy.
Surprise her with a little treat from any of these categories,
and she’ll appreciate the effort to support her witchy ways.

3. Crystals

Tumbled crystals. Raw crystals. Cluster crystals. Geode crystals. Crystals carved into the shape of an angel or an animal. It doesn't matter what your ailment or intention is, there’s a crystal for that. Plus they’re pretty. If you get smaller crystals, consider one of those clever “cage” necklaces so she can wear them and swap them out as needed.

4. Herbs

Many dried herbs for spell work can be found in any grocery aisle: mint, rosemary, bay leaves and more. Tea also fits into the herbs category and is a sort of potion itself. Think about it! There’s tea for sleep, tea for energy, tea for easing pain… sure sounds like magic to me.

5. Candles

Oh yes. Candles. Lots of candles. All the colors. All the kinds. Tea lights and tapers, votives and pillars. The little chime candles you find at the metaphysical shops. Scents like “Sea Breeze” and “Fresh Linen” are acceptable (they’re still candles, after all), but if you can find something earthy like “Lavender and Amber” or “Celtic Forest” then by all means, take that route.

6. Journals

A Grimoire. A Book of Shadows. A diary. Or just a place for ideas and inspiration. It’s a place to record so many pieces of who she is and how she experiences the world, so a witchy chick can never have too many journals. Especially if there are moon phases, pentacles, or trinity symbols involved. And on that note… 

7. … Anything with Moon Phases, Pentacles, Trinity Symbols etc

Surrounding ourselves with reminders of who we are and the path we’re on is just part of the fun of being witchy! Therefore powerful imagery goes a long way, whether it’s on a tapestry, a greeting card, a soap dish, a sticker, or a glasses case. It doesn’t matter. Adding witchy pictures automatically makes an object desirable.

8. Jars

Witchy chicks need a way to store all their candles and herbs and other stuff, so we can be a little obsessive when it comes to jars. Mason jars. Jars with corks. Old baby food jars. This also extends to things like pretty tea tins (2-in-1!!) and other fancy containers. Yes. Really. Give us all the jars and contain-y things. Maybe tie a ribbon around it for good measure, or fill with other items from the list above.

9. Anything Purple

It’s possible you’ve already figured this one out for yourself, but there’s a reason why amethyst is such a popular crystal. It’s purple, and purple is a favorite of witches. For one thing, it’s a very spiritual color, associated with the crown chakra which is the gateway to enlightenment and connection with Source. It’s also considered a protective color to ward off negative energy and shield you from harm. Not only that, but historically purple items were only available to royalty or the extremely wealthy, so it reminds us of our innate power and worthiness. Really, you can’t lose with purple.

And just because I’m a generous witchy chick, I’m gonna throw you an extra…
but be forewarned that this one is a big fat maybe.
You’ll have to gauge for yourself if it’s a good fit or not:

10. Plants

Cute little potted plants. Succulents. Air plants. Preferably things that are hard to kill like a purple waffle plant (it droops when it’s thirsty) or a money tree (also a symbol of good luck!). Possibly something she can harvest for spell work. Most witchy chicks love plants, but not all of us have the time, desire, or green thumb to care for them. Do your research—on her preferences and on the plants themselves—before giving this one a shot. And if you do? Present it in a cute little pot or appropriate container.

Now, you know what you’re getting into, right? Wooing a witch? 

You’re most likely in for the ride of your life. 

You might find yourself pulled outside to dance in the rain.
You might learn how to make moon water.
You might learn tantra, or bake a harvest loaf, or go on a spontaneous mushroom hunt.
Who knows??
Get ready for true intimacy.
Get ready for shadow work.
Get ready to face your demons and maybe even embrace them. 

Being with a witch—a woman so aware of who she is and what she wants—means that you’re going to have to keep up and meet her where she’s at.

Are you ready?
Then best of luck and blesséd be.