Hey everyone,

Just wanted to make everyone aware of the rewards we're offering in exchange for becoming a BuyMeACoffee member making regular donations towards the operation of HaloHub.gg!

Our new site allows us to promote YouTube videos and Twitch Livestreams of supporters with ease. We simply need to add to add your account names to our system and all of your content will be flagged with a HaloHub supporter banner, plus your content will be pushed to the top of video/stream content on our video and streams pages.

In addition to this, we place your name in the red scrolling marquee text that appears on most pages, we promote your content on occasion through our Twitter (@HaloHubGG) and finally, we can also arrange full page articles/video coverage of your content with advanced notice!

We really appreciate our supporters and have more plans coming soon!

<3 The HaloHub Team!