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I'm Hamilton and I run HAMY LABS. (YouTube, Website)

For the past 5+ years I've worked on software projects big and small from Big Tech with billions of users and millions QPS to side projects with 0 users and $0 revenue. I'm focused on developing and sharing Simple Scalable Systems for more effective product development and business iterations.

I tackle bottlenecks I see in day-to-day operations and industry at large and try to leave reproducible experiments and solutions behind - from code walkthroughs to product templates to general principles for a better workflow.

Recently I've been writing most software with F#, Typescript, and C# but most of the principles can be applied to other languages as well.


Your support helps me continue iterating - trying out product experiments and sharing the results. In return you'll get access to all the source code and runnable projects I use in these tutorials as well as exclusive discounts for all the products and businesses I ship.

Plus - your support helps me continue releasing my blog posts and videos for free!