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The Handstandcast. Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen talk all things handstands.
Developing the Handstand Factory online programs have made us formalise our thoughts on handbalance and flexibility training, to make it applicable and useful to a wide audience. But of course, the hardest thing in such an undertaking is knowing what not to include! This podcast, on the other hand, allows us to ramble a bit less formally, and go a bit more into our reasoning in why we teach handbalancing the way we do, the fact that there are loads of ways to do things, and explore all kinds of corners of the handbalancing universe. The podcast is supported in part by your purchases of the Handstand Factory online programs, but those are not for everyone, so if you'd like to buy us a coffee instead, we'd be just as delighted!

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Emmet, Mikael and the Handstand Factory Team