Buy Hangout HQ a beer


Hey 👋 I am a Physical Therapist, who loves helping people out in my community. 

This year, I was infected by Covid-19 and was hospitalized. During recovery, I got into Animal Crossing and Modding my Switch with CFW. I'd love to give back to the community and help others who wanted to venture down this path as a side hobby. 

I'm currently running free bots on my server, however, any donations would be greatly appreciated for the upkeep and maintenance of the server, hosting the Reaperr bot I've created, and for the upkeep of running my 2 current switches for my members to use. 

If you decide to donate, you'll get priority access and be able to skip lines in the queue for the Pokemon Trading Bot and Animal Crossing Bot. Please make sure to DM me if you decide to make a donation or leave your Discord tag in the messages along with your message!

All donations are optional, and you have my thanks! I am opening this up due to the number of people who asked me to create a donation page. Thank you so much and enjoy the server! I love you all!