Buy Happea Dream Empire a tea



Tholin and Santanna are here to welcome you all to our Happea Dream Empire!

Since we love to help others, we found out that others want to help us as well. So we created this account for all of our supporters. Wherever we are, we will buy something for someone because of you. ALL donations will be used to make a stranger HAPPEA!

We are on a journey to build our Dream Empire with Love, to leave a legacy of HAPpiness and PEAce! We've decided to start a youtube channel to share our adventures in traveling to inspire the world! Videos include helping people globally through volunteer services, vlogging our life, traveling, crazy experiences, community outreach, and so much more!

So please feel free to buy us a cup of tea or maybe three, if you would love to contribute to our journey and keep getting your fresh dose of HAPPEA! 

👑Thank you all for the love and support we truly appreciate it!❤️

P.S. If you have any VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES or know of anyone that does, please send us an email with the information at [email protected]