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Haptic & Hue Textile Notebooks on sale

Nov 25, 2021

It is that time of year again, the light is fading and the end of the year is upon us. Of course, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it is nearly the summer holidays. To celebrate the wonderful artists and makers who have been at the centre of Haptic & Hue's Tales of Textiles we have had 6 blank A6 (4x6ins) notebooks created. Each features a cover from some of the designers you have heard about in the podcasts.

From left to right there is Lakeland Landscape, a handwoven fabric from designer-weaver Janet Phillips who took part in Episode 3: A Weaver's Tale. There is a cover with Haptic & Hue's own trademark pincushions - made from Scottish wool, and one with a wonderful Asafo flag from the master flag maker Baba Issaka on the coast of Ghana. We explored these flags and what they mean in Episode 16: A Feeling of Belonging. Althea McNish's glorious work was the subject of the first-ever podcast, Episode 1: Colour is Mine, and the Herdwick Tweed was handwoven by the artisan weaver Sam Goates of Woven in the Bone. The journey of this cloth was the subject of Episode 13: A Feeling of Warmth. The last cover features a magnificent quilt by Loretta Bennett, who is one of the Gees Bend quilters, you can hear her in Episode 9: A Feeling of Comfort.

The notebooks are for sale in two sets of three notebooks each, one is called Artists of Colour and the other is British Wool. Each set is bound with a Haptic & Hue band, featuring the pincushion. They are for sale on the website of the Border Tart, otherwise known as Lindsay Roberts. You can find them here. Lindsay sells a number of kits, fabrics and indigo dyed yarn and you might like some of those too! https://www.tartsart.co.uk/

I hope you enjoy these. I also wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you receiving this e-mail. All of you have supported Haptic & Hue over the last six months. It has made a tremendous difference to know that you are behind me! Thank you!

Artists of Colour set above and British Wool set below.

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