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Jan 01, 2022

2021 Report

Dec 23, 2021

Giving African beekeepers a digital upgrade

I've just published a new feature on Ethiopia and Nigeria, hardware innovators are developing sensors and electronic devices for monitoring bee hives. Their aim: to improve the quality of honey that gets exported. Startups like Anabi and Honey Flow Africa have for-profit objectives, while the SAMS project develops open-source beehive designs and practices as a partnership between 5 universities and other intensive research institutions.Jessica Pothering, reporting... more

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Oct 01, 2021

Q3 2021 Report

Sep 29, 2021

Drones from scraps

I've just published a new feature on Malawi, the government and UNICEF have been at the forefront of introducing drones for medical supply delivery. This helps to transport medical tests, vaccines, and other supplies from rural health centres to larger hospitals. However, the cost of drones are still prohibitive. Dumisani Kaliati started Micromek with the aim to fix this, first by producing drones using a low-cost design developed in the US, to now building new... more

Sep 14, 2021

How a drone engineer is helping to build social enterprise in Sudan

We just published a new feature on drones in Sudan was effectively prohibited in 2016, when Hatim Hassan and his team began developing the Bird of Hope, a planting drone to tackle the country's rapid deforestation. His team built the drone by consulting open forums like Public Lab and without access to an effective supply chain had to built it all from scratch. While the drone worked, the business side was too difficult to tackle.Jessica Pothering, former editor... more

Aug 16, 2021

How Egypt's strategy to become a major electronics producer is taking shape

We just published a new feature on 2015, the President of Egypt launched the Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) initiative. The ultimate aim is to make Egypt a leader in electronics manufacturing by attracting larger multinationals eyeing the EMEA region as well as subsidize startup and production costs for local hardware startups. From Cairo, Rawnaa Al-Masry writes about the progress of this initiative so far, what limitations still exist for hardware entrepreneurs in the... more

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