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Harri's Wishlist
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Car repairs and winter tyres

As our cars have gone through constant repairs and winter is coming we would like to get new tyres for vehicles and make sure our vehicles get full service before the weather changes, which is already is here in Ukraine!Thank you all for keeping us on the road!

Funded by Someone, Karel Zvolský and 36 others
Birthday Wish, keep us on the road for ukraine(fuel)

We will use those funds for keeping us on the road for upcoming deliveries for upcoming months!

Funded by @SomeGreyFella, Someone and 53 others
Fuel money

If you want to help me to cover fuel costs (which I have to do from my own money until we have setup our final organizational structure) you can buy me some fuel cups instead of coffees ;)

Funded by Rob, Michael Mühlhausen and 33 others