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Events In Harrogate - We Need Them

Mar 01, 2020

As you may have seen on our Home Page, we have an events board. Sadly, it is a bit underused and neglected. We need your events to promote; we just need you to get in contact with us. We have it all ready, we just need you… We will promote your event for FREE!

We have our own email address for the venture – you can email us a the station at [email protected] and I will sort out your Event. I will need to know –

  1. Please tell us the address for the venue where the Event is going to be held.

  2. Please tell us when your Event will start (date / time).

  3. Please tell us when your Event will finish (date / time).

  4. If you have a Facebook Event Page – send us the link and we will make sure it gets a shout.

  5. Do you wish to sell tickets for your Event? We will link to the platform you use (like Eventbrite).

  6. We would like a photo or graphic for your event if you have one? This will go on our website.

  7. Finally, please tell us as much about your Event as possible. This will be written up on our website and is the meat of the meal.

We are up for hearing from everyone from all walks of life. So, if you are in Harrogate & District feel free to submit an Event – if you are putting on a public event in Town, get in contact. This invitation is also extended to Event Facilitators (such as Theatres, Bars, Clubs). We will ask that if Events is your main raison d’être then you limit the number of submissions to two Events every calendar month – this gives the smaller guys a chance too.

So, in short, email us your events. We have a footfall of around 45-50 website users per day and we would like to promote your event, for FREE! We would like to hear about your forthcoming events in Harrogate.

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