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Grooving on a Vibe From Yester-Year

Jul 16, 2020

We are going back to the sound of yester-year on a Sunday, every week, on Harrogate Community Radio. And, you are welcome to join us! There are a couple of shows I hope to draw your attention to that will leave you grooving and with a smile on your face. These two shows are Soul on 45, from Ian Smith, and Sounds Of The Sixties with Paul Richards.

These two are great shows – and, one is recorded directly from original vinyl! We are all volunteers at HCR – so, if you think you can do better than these two then get in contact. We admit they have set the bar extremely high but the challenge is there!

Soul on 45

Soul hits, Northern, Modern, Motown, Funk and Mod tunes played on original vinyl by local soul DJ Ian Smith.

Broadcasting every Sunday at 2pm is Soul on 45. We have already played and broadcast quite a few of these shows and they are building quite an audience. So, tune in at 2pm this Sunday for your Soul fix 🙂

Soul on 45 does what it says on the tin – soul music is delivered to your speaker played from the original 45 releases – crackles, pops and all! Well almost, says presenter Ian Smith, sometimes he might have to resort to an LP – hence the show’s motto 45 33 is our number. “I love playing soul music and have well over 1,000 records which I would otherwise struggle to play – there are only so many hours in the day. So why not play them on the show as after all there are no bigger vinyl aficionados than soul fans? Believe it or not!”

The music is mostly be northern and 60’s club soul and Mod beats but diverts into 70’s modern and funk on occasions. There will be ”guess” records – name the B side and name the year plus interesting anecdotes about labels, records and artists too. Please email in any requests to the show – if Ian has the record he will play it: [email protected]

To find out more about the show – CLICK HERE

Sounds Of The Sixties With Paul Richards

Join Paul Richards as he selects his favourite cuts from the decade where it all changed.

This is a new show for the network. We will start playing this show on August 2nd 2020 at 1pm. Scheduled for broadcast every week, we will be updating the playlist with a new show for the first Sunday of the calendar month.

“I will be playing all the hits from the decade plus some of those forgotten gems. Right from the early hits of Cliff Richard & the Shadows to Elvis and the Rock n’ Roll era right through to ‘The Summer of Love’ with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, The Kinks and beyond. As they say, if you can actually remember the 60’s then you probably weren’t there. So, take a trip back in time with me, get yourself a beer and just chill, man.” – Paul Richards.

To find out more about the show – CLICK HERE

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