Harrogate Community Radio

... Well, We Have Had A Minor ReBrand

Mar 30, 2020

What do you think? Have you noticed much change on our website, www.harrogatecommunityradio.online, or our logo? Not really? But, then it is a minor rebrand. We were worried about the old logo. It was out there in a rush and did not make much sense. Admin have approved the new logo and it is now with the public. We are in the process of updating the channels that we broadcast on to make sure everything is current.

We have also changed a bit on our website – notice how the colours on the site are matching the logo? Clever, eh! If you do spot an error where we put the old, used logo on to a piece of propaganda then please let us know – we are only a small radio station staffed by volunteers so errors do occur. It is, after all, human to err.

We will keep you posted on shenanigans with the station in further blog posts. In the meantime – if you hear a show on this station and you think that you might want a go at it then please get in contact with Andy on the contact page for the station. We're still looking for new shows and new presenters. You may have more time on your hands due to the virus (aka ‘Before the event’) but in essence all we hope for is that you remain healthy and in communication with your loved ones. Now, go wash your hands!

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