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Hawkdive.com writes about useful tips, tricks, reviews, troubleshooting and how to articles for Mac, Windows, WordPress, Android and iOS users.

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Thank you. I had the problem of NordVPN disconnecting after my MacBook has been asleep. After looking through a lot of very complicated suggestions, I found your very simple suggestion. Kudos. 

Thank you for your feedback and support. We highly appreciate it :-)

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Than you so much for your amazing article

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Boy have you helped a deprived 88 year old who know zip about what I'm doing.  I reached the point where I no longer see Romondos who wrecked Safari on Feb 2019. Now when opening Safari I get Hawkdive.com and then go from there to open Safari.  How do I now close out Your site at opening. Safari V12.1, High Sierra 10.15.6

Thank you for your support Mr. McLain,I have sent you an email with troubleshooting steps on how to change that default home page or clear history from Safari. I hope that fixed your problem. Feel free to contact me on Skype ID : live:hawkdivetech in case you have any question.

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