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Hey there! Thanks for your interest in supporting me and my projects.

Your donations will go on to paying off the server costs and domain renewals for the projects and encourage me to build more useful tools 💖

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paul from LBallet
paul from LBallet bought 5 coffees.

This is really great! We tested It today and It works super!! We starting Monday 4 december every day to stream. We are startup not earning a dime but I love to give you $15 each month ! again Thanks! 

Thanks a lot for the coffees, Paul. Gald you liked the software 🙌🏼✨

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Thanks heaps Musthaq! Just used this to do an Instagram live with decent audio & video at last! You're a champ :)

Thank you for the coffee, Mel 🙌 

Wayan Arif Rustanto
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Thank you So much

Thanks for the coffees Wayan 🙌🏼✨

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thanks this works really well.

Thank you for the coffee ❤️