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Let me introduce myself. My name is Johá-Ruigi "Heagga" Golleskire, and I am a Sámi self-taught culinary polymath from Sweden with a strong belief in that everyone can learn to become a genius in whatever we set our minds to.

I will through my youtube channel and food blog teach you how to cook amazing food, bake divine bread, mix jaw-dropping drinks, cocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as all kinds of heavenly artisan confections from cuisines all around the world.

My Goals and Dreams

My dream is to later launch a proper website about the whole aspect of eating and living the best possible life, which will include a webshop where you will be able to buy high-quality organic food for a price which everyone will afford, since I don't believe you should need to be rich to live a wealthy life with an abundance in health and happiness.

Heagga = Life

Food is an essential part of a long, happy and healthy life free from diseases, and is a fact that made me choose Heagga as my non-profit organisations name since it's the Northern Sámi name for life.

Both Old & New

I hope you will love the recipes which will both include an authentic version and one or more variations around them which will help you to spark your creativity and release the rules around traditional dishes since the culinary arts are ever evolving and the dishes we see as traditional today was once a novelty even though it was sometimes a long time ago.

We Are Stronger Together

By becoming a follower you will not only help me to continue teaching people the culinary arts but also have access to a deeper dive into the techniques behind why certain things in the culinary arts work as they do and a more personal mentoring in them and my creativity in the kitchen, as well as possibilities in the future to save a lot of money on high-quality organic groceries and products in a wide range of categories and the possibilities to live a long, happy and healthy life free from diseases.

So lets join me in the kitchen...