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Members at the Periwinkle Level will receive a free lunar tarot reading, exclusive behind the scenes about upcoming book projects, and private access to full moon meditations.
Support me on a monthly basis to produce Activating Divine Love Podcast
An intuitive tarot reading recorded and emailed to you on the new moon
Work in progress updates on my book projects
Free Access to Private Full Moon Meditations

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A monthly personalized Angel channeled message on the full Moon and channeled message for the collective on the new moon, as well as rewards from previous levels.
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Audio recording of Lunar Tarot on the Full Moon that will be emailed
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I'm Reina a Love Conscious Coach and Holistic Energy Practitioner.  I'll be sharing and answering your questions about love and helping to activate Divine Love in your heart, mind, and energy field. I'll also share some content on how to work with the elements, plants, crystals, and candles too. Email me your questions about love, crystals, or magic. Or, send me a dm via instagram @healingqueen_ I'll answer them & keep them anonymous. Members will get a monthly lunar tarot reading, credit for supporting my podcast Activating Divine Love, and free access to Clubhouse talks.