New Bombshell Study Shows Myocarditis 28 ...

New Bombshell Study Shows Myocarditis 28X Higher After Covid Vaccine Than Infection

Apr 22, 2022

In the last 24 hours, there have been studies released that don’t fit the mainstream narrative about Covid vaccines and the pandemic.

Specifically, how the shots are seriously injuring children. To be exact, how nearly 1/2600 kids are being affected by myocarditis/pericarditis post vaccination.

Next, there was shocking data released showing the harms & ineffectiveness of masking. For instance, on average, how masks produced nearly no reduction in transmission, yet were associated with devastating harms like plummeting child intelligence quotients.

All and all, the data has been summarized for you below, but regardless, you should at least browse the accompanying sources.

Finally, share this information with friends and family before it disappears. Due to the sensitive nature of details in this publication, it likely will be censored/removed.

In a new Nordic study of 23 mil individuals released in JAMA, the rate of myocarditis in males aged 16-24 after a 2nd dose of mRNA-1273 (Moderna) was approximately 1/5000 thus presenting a nearly 18.39 times increased risk of myocarditis with Moderna

So myocarditis is mild and fully resolves? Incorrect & inaccurate. A new study revealed LGE (late gadolinium enhancement) in 63% of children 7-8 months post vaccine injury. Just so you know, LGE is associated with poor future outcomes

That said, there’s a nearly 2.5 times increased risk of death associated with those who’ve experienced LGE, even if the acute phase of myocarditis has resolved

Finally, myo/pericarditis in males aged 16-24 post Pfizer/Moderna combination resulted in a hospitalization count of nearly 380/million (1/2600) which is 28X higher than the 13.7/million rate found post-covid

A picture speaks a thousand words. This graph plots national data on positive COVID cases from April 2020- January 2022 among 11 states that never mandated masks & 39 that did

If masks work, why don’t they?

An important update regarding the severe hepatitis outbreak in children from UK HSA:

An Adenovirus seems to be the driving cause in >75% of confirmed cases

New CDC MMWR study explains how vaccine coverage has dipped below 94% (& is still declining) among kindergarteners during the 2020-21 school year. People have lost trust in public health due to pandemic mismanagement, mandates & unrealistic vaccine hype



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