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New Shocking Study Shows Covid Booster Effectiveness VS Hospitalization Plunging To 55%

Apr 24, 2022

If you have not seen the new studies referenced in the title of this article you need to because they will likely change the Covid narrative in the not so distance future. So, what studies exactly?

Well, The Lancet (a peer reviewed medical journal) just released a paper showing Covid booster effectiveness plunging to 55% against hospitalization while still conferring serious side effects. Also, another study released on 4/22/22 revealed that many times antibodies were not produced after a Covid infection. Instead, more frequently, CD8+ & CD4+ T- cells were generated which are the unsung heroes protecting most people previously infected, or vaccination against severe disease/illness. Finally, a new study suggested Leronlimab to be an effective monoclonal antibody against severe Covid. ETC.

As always the data has been summarized for you but it would be wise to review the sources linked below. That said, make sure to share this new bombshell information with your friends and family so they can understand what’s really going on. The tide is turning for Covid vaccines.

A new test-negative case-control study on Pfizer booster effectiveness against Omicron using Kaiser Permanente data from Dec 1-Feb 6 2022 is shocking. Analysis of 11,123 hospital & ED admissions indicates plummeting COVID vaccine effectiveness

To explain, vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization & ED admission at 3 months post booster was 55%, and 53% respectively. All that due to the nearly 30 mutations in the spike protein of Omicron & using an old ancestral mRNA code


New study revealed not all Covid infections yield neutralizing antibodies, but often do yield CD8+ & CD4+ T-cells to help protect against future encounters, severe disease & death. Sadly, vaccination was associated with LESS TH2 cells VS infection

Just so it’s clear, TH2 cells ARE NEEDED IN PROPER AMOUNTS & are essential components of humoral immunity. Specifically, they signal to the immune system using cytokines. That way the body can begin properly engaging suspected pathogens


A study on the effectiveness of NPIs like masking etc & if they worked

In this study there was little to no association between stringency and covid case growth in Canada, 2020


Many symptomatic responders treated with CCR5-binding antibody leronlimab for long Covid exhibited a re-normalized immune response with visible increase in surface CCR5 VS placebo. This suggests another possible treatment for Long Covid sufferers




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