Most key monoclonal antibody treatments including Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, and Regeneron are not working against OMICRON. On 11/26/21 the World Health Organization classified a new SARS-CoV-2 variant named B.1.1.529, more popularly known as OMICRON, and certified it as a novel VOC (variant of concern). Within days, questions regarding current vaccine and therapeutic efficacy against the newly discovered progeny surfaced. Simultaneously, genetic sequencing out of Botswana revealed a multitude of genomic changes in the new variant which further sparked international debate over possible immune escape, waning protection from primary series of COVID-19 vaccinations, and the possibility of reduced monoclonal antibody efficacy. Soon after, studies began to surface showing decreased effectiveness of current monoclonal antibody treatments against omicron.

From this video you will learn 4 things:

1.) Omicrons specific genomic changes and their importance

2.) Why omicron is overpowering most key monoclonal antibodies

3.) Important data from new monoclonal antibody studies

4.) What all this really means

Here's my fully detailed publication on waning protection from monoclonal antibodies-check it out 👇🏻:

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