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I'm a software engineer with a passion for health and nutrition.

Hi there,

I'm Hayley from Hayley's Health Foods, a website full of recipes designed with gut health in mind. I've always had an interest in nutrition, and it really stepped up a notch after I fell ill with chronic fatigue. After months of barely being able to leave the house without finding myself exhausted, I decided to give a gut health program a go to see if it would. It worked better than I ever could have expected, so I decided to use any spare energy I gained back to create Hayley's Health Foods, a recipe site designed with gut health in mind.

I have so many ideas for recipes to create and features to add this website, so if you like what I do and I want to help me to develop it further, why not buy me a coffee?

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Love your writing style and honesty, and miss your presence around work!

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Persistence is key, merry christmas :^)

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