OK so I made the Bibimbap last week. My husband and I enjoyed it but next time I won't be doing it on a sheet pan. I'll just sauté the veggies.

In other cooking adventures I burned eggs the other day and it was surprisingly hard to clean. So it has been a weird week.

I've decided that for the summer I'll buy food each week, but it's not really my problem to prepare it every day. The boys haven't complained about this announcement.

Master Shopping List

  • Salad

  • celery, baby carrots

  • red, green, yellow peppers

  • chopped kale

  • chicken wings for grilling (I only like them grilled and crispy)

  • Beyond Meat burgers (2 packs)

  • A big piece of salmon if it looks good

  • frozen veggies

  • almond milk

  • Chobani yogurt

  • eggs + egg whites

  • waffle mix

  • spicy hummus

  • Dave's killer bread

  • Boars Head ham

  • gouda cheese

  • spicy mustard

  • Pirate's Booty

  • Hot Pockets (the kid is done with school)

  • Frozen pizzas

  • frozen fish sticks (whatever kind looks ok)

My CSA starts the week of my birthday and I'm thrilled. I'll get produce for the next 21 weeks!

The local butcher has a sign that he now has grass fed beef. So I might go up there and buy a freezer pack of that.


We will grill something Sunday, Tuesday, and potentially Friday. Or we will go out. We usually have some leftovers though. If it rains we make it inside.

We keep it simple in the summer - protein, veggies, and a starch if the boys want one. We still use the air fryer quite a bit.


Sandwiches, salads, leftovers, smoothies


Oatmeal, cereal, smoothies, yogurt, waffles (frozen or not)

My husband says he is going to BJs tomorrow - so he will buy all kinds of things not on this list. I kinda let him do his thing there, but he usually does buy things we can freeze for later.

Memorial weekend we are having people over for brunch so that might be a big list!

Keep it simple + don't listen to any whining