I decided to make two meals this week, both of which I've tried before. Nothing too involved because I'm just not into cooking right now. We still get takeout on Fridays.

Main Shopping List

  • salad + green cabbage head (for recipe below)

  • chopped kale

  • shredded carrots + baby carrots

  • fresh ginger

  • berries

  • celery + brussels sprouts

  • onion

  • Canned crushed tomatoes

  • kidney beans + black beans (for chili as requested)

  • chili seasoning (can't seem to find in my house)

  • ground turkey 2lbs ish

  • Boars head meat + cheese

  • spicy hummus

  • Dave's killer bread

  • quick cooking steel cut oats (Nature's Path brand)

  • potato chips

  • pirate booty

  • liquid aminos (or soy sauce)

  • eggs + egg whites

  • almond milk

  • Frozen veggies - assorted


My son asked me to make chili, and I have some grass fed beef in the freezer so I'll make that. I don't have a recipe but for him I try to keep it simple - tomato base, beans, meat, seasoning.

Hubs asked for Egg Roll in a Bowl. There are some variations of this recipe online if mine doesn't appeal to you. I use ground turkey in mine, and if they have shredded cabbage I do buy that. My son has eaten this in the past, but who knows if he will this time.

I don't plan to make anything else this week. They have to eat what is here.


I'm buying all the usual stuff. Sandwiches, salads, leftovers, smoothies. Anything they find.


Again normal stuff - cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, eggs

HOT TIP - I order my groceries through Instacart, but inevitably I have to go back myself for things they missed. If I forget something or the boys ask for something, I'll get it then. Try not to make multiple trips to the grocery store - you'll spend more money that way. Also - never set foot inside a food store without a list. Just don't.