I did something different this week and ordered four meals from Freshly. I've never tried anything pre-made before so we will see. It's pretty easy to cancel if we decide we don't like it.

  • chicken and mac and cheese

  • pork carnitas

  • citrus chicken

  • a beef fajita bowl

My son started school this week, so I don't need as much lunch food. I'll have to pack occasionally, but he's good with a PBJ.

Master Shopping List

  • salad

  • all the berries

  • low sodium zatarains jambalaya mix (I have chicken sausage)

  • tiny salad shrimp

  • eggs + egg whites

  • carrots and celery

  • hummus + salsa (too lazy to make it)

  • Cape Cod potato chips

  • Paul's lunch meat and cheese

  • Chobani yogurt

  • Paul's bread

  • English muffins


We will have Jambalaya, and try the stuff I ordered. I've never done pre-made meals before so it'll be a whole new experience. I also have some frozen cod I can make if we need it.  Almost always have salad with dinner, or veggies from the CSA.


We eat the same stuff all the time - eggs, cereal, Magic Spoon, English muffins, oatmeal, smoothies


leftovers, salads, sandwiches, whatever we find hiding in the fridge.