I did it again! Totally forgot to post a meal plan last week. I'm going to use the excuse that I was out of town for a baby shower.

This week I actually ordered some food.

Master Shopping List

  • Salad

  • celery + baby carrots + red onion

  • shredded broccoli salad blend

  • avocados to make guacamole

  • spicy hummus

  • all the berries

  • large pack of think cut chicken breasts

  • ground turkey or beef

  • canned petite diced tomatoes + sauce

  • black beans + kidney beans

  • chili seasoning

  • Dave's killer bread

  • boars head turkey

  • Cape Cod potato chips

  • English muffins

  • eggs + egg whites

  • almond milk

  • almond milk coffee creamer

  • Cheerios

  • quick cooking steel cut oats

  • seltzer

  • sugar free gatorade (on sale)


My son asked me to make chili this week, which is pretty basic. I bought the stuff I needed for that, and decided to buy a large pack of the organic chicken that was on sale. I might grill part of it and freeze the rest.

Our CSA gives us a couple veggies to work with each week, so I just buy salad to supplement that.


My husband is finishing his Father's Day brisket, so I had to get him sandwich stuff. My son has been eating whatever he makes at Cooking Camp. Next week he will probably eat PBJ. I feel like that's basically his favorite lunch right now. He might** eat chili since he asked for it.

I eat salads usually with some kind of protein. Sometimes tuna if I'm in the mood.


Cereal, smoothies, English muffins, eggs, occasional frozen waffles, occasional cinnamon toast

We got a pound of sweet cherries this week from the CSA - so we pitted them and made two loaves of cherry bread. I cut the sugar by 1/3 and it still tastes good.

Have a wonderful week!