Meal planning week of 9/12/21

Ordered a few more meals from Freshly this week since the husband is going on a boys trip to Nashville. One chicken taco soup, one beef fajita, a penne with meat sauce and something else I cannot recall. My CSA is still going so I'll pick up more veggies on Tuesday. Master Shopping Listsaladcarrots + celery + mini peppersmini cucumberberriesground turkey (I have a frozen ground beef)velveeta 2% (I will explain the cheese product below)hamburger bunssteel cut oatseggs + egg whitesspicy... more

Sep 10

ADHD-friendly meal planning week of 9/30/21

So we tried the Freshly this week. The meals themselves weren't bad, my husband said he could have eaten two of his. My son ate the chicken with Mac n Cheese and he thought the texture was weird but he ate some of it. (it had squash in it so it probably was weird) My only gripe with Freshly so far is the shipping. Our food arrived about 30hrs late. But I'm going to try it again this week to see if it was a fluke, or if "Laser Shipping" really does suck. Here is a link if you... more

Aug 27

Meal Planning week of 8/23/21

I did something different this week and ordered four meals from Freshly. I've never tried anything pre-made before so we will see. It's pretty easy to cancel if we decide we don't like it.chicken and mac and cheesepork carnitascitrus chickena beef fajita bowlMy son started school this week, so I don't need as much lunch food. I'll have to pack occasionally, but he's good with a PBJ.Master Shopping Listsaladall the berrieslow sodium zatarains jambalaya mix (I have... more

Aug 21

Meal Plan week of 8/16/21

My son's birthday is this week, AND we start school this week. I didn't buy much food last week after our vacation because I didn't care to. It felt like too much to unpack, do the laundry, and plan meals. So we ate frozen pizza and chicken. This coming week is going to be very busy, so I want to keep it simple. I got some spaghetti squash at the CSA, so I'm going to make turkey taco spaghetti squash boats, and get extra taco meat to use for a couple meals.I also got 2... more

Aug 13

Meal Planning week of 7/23/21

Still having a hard time motivating myself to cook. It just feels so unimportant right now. We have food to eat and we don't need our meals to look any certain way. At least for right now.This week we got fresh green beans, squash, lettuce, cantaloupe and plums from the CSA. So that's not on my shopping list.Master Shopping Listsaladcarrots + celeryberriesbananasmini peppers for snackinglarge tomatoes for slicingfresh mozzarellaspicy hummusboneless pork loin (on sale) Hebrew national... more

Jul 22

Meal Planning week of 7/18/21

My son and I are heading out of town for a couple days to visit my grandfather on the other side of the state. The Hubs is having a boys night, so I'm not worried about what he will eat. When I get back on Tuesday, I plan to make a bunch of plain chicken so we can use it in different ways. We are still getting most of our produce from our weekly CSA. Master Listsaladcarrots + celeryraspberries, blackberriesbananasDave's killer breadchicken breasts (about 2.5 lbs already in... more

Jul 16

Meal Planning week of 1/31/21
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Meal Planning week of 5/16/21
Meal Planning week of 2/7/21
Meal Planning week of 7/14/21