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Meal Plan Week of 10/18/20

18 October

Meal Plan week of 10/11/20

Master Shopping ListStaples:Almond milkBananasBerries/applesEggsSalad greensBaby carrots/celeryGoldfish crackersKiller Dave's breadQuick cooking steel cut oatsHeritage Flakes cereal from... more

11 October

Meal Plan week of 10/4/20

Family staples I need to buy:Peanut butterDave's Killer breadSaladSpreadable butterAlmond milkYellow box cheeriosBananasSnack foods <the unhealthy stuff>Eggs n Egg whitesHummus and... more

04 October

Strengths & Struggles

As a group we have quite a few strengths:we are all KIND peopleWe are academics, writers, researchers, lifelong learnersWe are endlessly intellectually curiousWe are crafty - we crochet, sculpt, and... more

30 August

What dreams may come

Soooo many of us don't dream. We did when we were younger but for a variety of reasons, most of us don't do it much anymore.Maybe we think we don't deserve it? Or we are simply afraid... more

21 August