As a group we have quite a few strengths:

  • we are all KIND people

  • We are academics, writers, researchers, lifelong learners

  • We are endlessly intellectually curious

  • We are crafty - we crochet, sculpt, and make**** things

  • We are mathematicians, brilliant doctors, and professionals

  • Some of us are very detail oriented

  • We have empathy, and we listen to each other

  • We are thoughtful, and often determined even in the face of our challenges

  • We are resilient (or we wouldn't be here)

We acknowledge our ADHD struggles:

  • working memory, time management

  • forgetfulness

  • low self-trust, low sense of personal agency

  • trouble with task shifting, managing our activation to tasks

  • emotional regulation, avoidance of discomfort

We can be all of these things at the same time. 

Humans are complex. We're never all good or all bad.

Nobody with ADHD likes to be bored. 

We need purpose and meaning in order to be motivated.

We also need to manage our mental/physical energy so we don't crash.

There is a delicate balance between taking care of ourselves and self-handicapping. 

Most of us cannot recall past learning experiences. (good or bad) So when we are faced with a decision, or we need to take action, we might procrastinate.