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Meal Plan week of 1/10/21

Jan 08, 2021

What a week. My brain is fried and food is the last thing I want to think about. I finally broke down and ordered delivery through Instacart. (Paid for 6 mos) So far so good.

Master Shopping List

  • salad

  • brussel sprouts + celery + carrots

  • cherry tomatoes

  • avocado

  • berries + pomegranate (in the mood)

  • ground turkey 1 lb

  • ground beef 1 lb (I prefer 93% lean ground meats)

  • small boneless pork loin (was on sale)

  • Jalapeno tuna packets (good on salad)

  • wild caught salmon

  • almond milk

  • Boars head lunch meat

  • Dave's killer bread

  • eggs + egg whites

  • Chobani yogurt

  • maybe some frozen waffles

  • frozen shoestring potatoes (for the boys air fryer)


The boys asked me for meatloaf. I will never understand why they enjoy this so much, but it's easy and my MIL's recipe makes enough to feed them for days. I already have panko so I only needed ground meat. (I use a combo of turkey/beef) Will make this Monday.

I'm in the mood for salmon, so I ordered some of that. Probably make it on Sunday night. I have flounder in the freezer as well if my son prefers a white fish. With fish I keep it very simple - maybe pesto, cajun seasoning, or just lemon and garlic.

I also purchased a plan pork loin. I figure if we need something else I can throw this in the oven and serve with rice and salad.

We've been ordering from a local restaurant most Friday nights. Just wanted to add that in the interest of transparency.


The usual - sandwiches, smoothies, leftovers, whatever they find.

The boys are really into their air fryer. So we've been having fried veggies and all manner of frozen potato products as snacks.


Oatmeal, eggs, cereal, smoothies, frozen waffles if requested. Occasionally I buy them some bacon or beyond meat breakfast sausages.

As always - limit the choices. This saves you time, money, and frustration, and everybody still eats.

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