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What we do: Hearing loss is a communication disorder. Small adjustments to communication habits for both hard of hearing and hearing can make a difference. We’re here to help you improve the communication aspect of hearing loss, whether you are hard of hearing or a hearing family member, friend or coworker. Adapting to hearing loss can be overwhelming on both sides of the fence. Hearing Loss LIVE! wants to help you to be proactive with communication needs. Because we know that when you do, you will live more fully with fewer limits.

Hearing aids are a great first great step, however, they are only part of the equation. To be successful with hearing loss we also need to be able to set our stage for better communication. Learning about accommodations, technology and how to be proactive with hearing loss helps bridge the gap. Having seen the disconnect in the current system, we are here to provide connection again with years of experience under our belt.

Hearing Loss LIVE! started from scratch in July of 2021. We put some of our personal savings in the pot, rolled up our sleeves and started our small business adventure. In September 2021 we opened up for business! We hit our first full year early this fall. Over the last year we have:

Provided free blogs and podcasts introducing strategies, people from the community and resources. Our podcasts have a full transcript and are captioned on YouTube.

Started a free monthly chat called Talk About It Tuesday for people to talk about their current issues with hearing loss

Began publishing a twice a month newsletter free to anyone, sharing upcoming events and outtakes from our podcast/blog themes. We share strategies for hearing loss.

We’ve given workshops through Hearing Loss LIVE! leading by example using CART/live captioning. We presented for several hearing loss support groups. We provided a sensitivity training geared specifically to hearing loss communication needs to the Utah Women’s Business Center.

We started our Lipreading Concepts Class. This is one of the few things we have a charge for. It’s $50 for an hour class once a week for 8 weeks. Student comments:

"It gave me a set of tools for receiving spoken information. No single approach to communication works all the time so having the lip-reading concepts tools and the instructors’ encouragement to keep trying was most helpful."

"I am going to use this everyday in my practice and life. TAKE THE COURSE it will change your life. I promise."

"It taught me to maximize strategies I was already using…and didn’t know I was."

We have begun phase 2 of our business plan. Hear (pun intended) are our goals for 2023:

Continue blogs, podcasts, presentations, workshops and the newsletter. We want more people with hearing loss being proactive and feeling confident in their daily lives.

Continue education on CART/live captioning. CART is a valid interpreting service for those who don’t know sign language and can’t hear what’s being said. We need this awareness to grow so one day people can request it and get it that fast.

Continue our Lipreading Concepts class. In January we start our 6 weeks Lip Shapes class.

Provide much needed sensitivity training to businesses on hearing loss communication needs, clearing up misconceptions. One in five people have a hearing loss. That would help with employees and clients.

Dig into much needed hearing loss and mental health.

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