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Adapting to hearing loss can be overwhelming no matter how you got here--suddenly or progressively. Hearing Loss LIVE! wants to help you take control of your hearing loss. Because we know that when you do, you will live more fully with fewer limits. We can help improve your communication obstacles in your day to day life.

Hearing Loss LIVE! started from scratch almost a year ago by Chelle, Julia and Michele. In July we officially began working together. Putting some of our personal savings in the pot, we rolled up our sleeves and started our small business adventure. We signed up for every small business workshop we could find. We set goals and brainstormed what we felt our hearing loss community needed. We knew we would be the first “how-to”

We at Hearing Loss LIVE! have about 100 years of experience between us in hearing loss. We have seen over and over that there is a disconnect between time of diagnosis and how to find services needed to help successfully stay connected.

For those with hearing loss and their families: We share knowledge, strategies and technology tips to smooth out the journey with our audio Podcasts with full transcript and captioned video podcasts. We have free events like Talk About it Tuesday and have started our first of many classes Lipreading Concepts. Hearing loss is a communication disorder and small adjustments to communication habits for both sides can make a difference.

Businesses, agencies and organizations: One in five people have a hearing loss, you’re seeing them everyday. How well are you serving them? Are you clear on the communication needs for the Hard of Hearing or do you confuse them with that of the Deaf Community? We offer consultation to clear up misconceptions and myths.

As we end our first year of business and get ready to ramp up our second year we would like to:

Continuing to provide free events with live captions so that the learning is open to all.

Continue education on CART/live captioning. CART is a valid interpreting service for those who don’t know sign language and can’t hear what’s being said. We need this awareness to grow so one day people can request it and get it that fast.

Continue to publish our blogs and podcasts to educate both HoHs, their hearing partners and the broader community to clear up misconceptions.

We need your help. No amount is too small. So if you like our content buy us a cup of coffee. Join us and help us fight the good fight!