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Welcome to Heathen Planet. I don't know what force in the Universe brought you here, but welcome.

I'm a freelance web and media developer and writer. I live and work on ranch land homesteaded by my ancestors three generations ago. As a caretaker, I get a perspective of nature, that most people never see any more. I'm a Spoonie living with chronic pain. I'm a strange mix of Buddhist, Pagan, and sophist spirituality. I've acquired gardening, food preservation, and other skills that are useful, and that I love to write about.

That's the superficial, now let's dive a bit deeper. A few decades ago, in my youth, I was destructive to myself and others. Needless to say it didn't end well, and I saw the inside of the criminal justice system and all of it's systemic racial ugliness. My white privilege saved me from the worst, but I'm a Gen-Xer who has been beaten by a prison guard simply for being friends with black men. That is among the worst of my experiences in the system and was in a for profit facility in a small Texas town with an illiterate racist workforce.

I'm not going to write about my specific situations in much detail, but know they inform my writing on social, and economic justice. After years of reflection, I've been able to connect the root causes of my situation to larger societal issues facing us today. And as I said my skin color has benefited me. My activism for progressive justice is rooted in that small Texas town. I've been blessed with the gift of skaldcraft. I will use words and content to preach a message of justice, peace, and 

As you read here or my website, please don't judge me for having a past. We all have those. Please consider my past informs my present and my future. Please support me by buying coffee, extras, or memberships if my words and content ring true or your leaving here with new knowledge. That is all I can ask

Raven Laughin