Buy Jane hedgecomber Sarchet a coffee


Hey friends, thanks for checking out my page :)

Whether you've made & loved one of my (many!) recipes from the blog, or enjoyed one of my videos over on YouTube, thank you for wanting to support me and the work that I do.

Coffee is always appreciated, and will ultimately go towards creating more content, just for you. It'll be like a never-ending, caffeine-fueled bonanza of creativity.

Hold on tight!!!

Someone bought 3 coffees.

You deserve a coffee out somewhere Jane. You’ve had a time!! 

oh my, thank you! I have no idea who you are, but I shall enjoy every caffeinated slurp 😁

@charlesyarnold bought 3 coffees.

Have 1 London cost coffee to absolve my guilt of using an adblocker ;) Thanks for the recipes!

Ha! That made me chuckle Charles, and thank you for your extremely overpriced coffee, it was really kind of you 😊 ☕️ 

@CaravanNut bought a coffee.

A lovely way to wind down at the end of a busy day in front of the computer, working from home during lockdown. Have a strong black one on me Jane. x

That's so kind of you chap, thank you! I hope you'll join me in a virtual brew 😊

Lynnette bought 5 coffees.

Lynette! Gosh, thank you. That is so kind 😊😘

Evelyn bought 3 coffees.

Raise a cup to us next Thursday, we are FINALLY picking up our van. (Squeaking with excitement).

OH MY GODS!!! Evelyn, I am so excited for you! Can you tag me in photos when you have it? And thank you for the coffees, that's so sweet of you 😊 😘