Buy Helen Palmer a coffee


I believe teams of empowered individuals are the essential unit for making significant change. Alas, the potential in so many teams (and individuals) is locked up and unavailable for having an impact. 

I help people find their mojo, and *do* better. 

I’ve got a proverbial Swiss Army knife of talents, knowledge and experience to draw upon. Which is a good thing, because I don’t know what any particular person or team needs - the answer lies within! I help reveal what you know, and need to know, to get your groove and use it powerfully. 

If you are ready to get resonating to a harmony that shifts something important in our world (towards your organisational or personal goals), let’s talk. 

And because I believe that great teams are made up of self-aware self-managing people, I wrote a book for such individuals. Check it out at  

I do the things I do because they give me good energy. Sometimes a cup of coffee (even in the small monetary form) is an added boost to my energy tank as well as my business funds. So thanks for fuelling me up!