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hello aurora

Hello aurora is a mobile application that will act as your best friend when it comes to the Northern Lights. With hello aurora you can have everything you need in an easily understandable way, whether you are looking for the aurora forecast, cloud coverage, weather alerts, and even a way to connect with other aurora lovers. We have everything for you!

Hello aurora is now available on App Store and Play Store, download hello aurora now and never miss aurora again!

Your contributions

After the launch, we received a lot of positive feedbacks and features suggestions. And to be able to run hello aurora to meet your expectation we are using different tools that cost money.

With your support, it will help us to:
* Pay our server and tools that we are using
* Add more features
* Keep the app ads-free
* Keep creating a good content

About us

Our names are Jeremy and Pidsinee, we are two aurora enthusiasts who decided to create an app based on our own obstacle we had and hope hello aurora will help others who share the same passion as us.

The idea came from our own difficulties and experiences with finding information about the Northern Lights forecast. We had to browse multiple sources such as weather forecast, aurora forecast, road conditions, and more to know to get the information we needed. Therefore we created an app with a lovely name, hello aurora, intending to help aurora hunters spot the aurora most easily and as safely as possible.

Jeremy Barbet
He is a Front-end developer who has a background in UI/UX design.
📧: [email protected]

Pidsinee Einarsdottír
She is a Marketing Specialist who has a background in Business Administration.
📧: [email protected]

General contact
📧: [email protected]