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Heeyo! I'm Danny from Colombia, Im a graphic artist and tattoo apprentice, I usually create my designs handmade and mix it with digital mediums!

Here's the props you can fin on my profile:

Supporters will find sketches, process vids and general updates on my work! 

Monthly members will have access to exclusive high quality downloads of my art (such as wallpapers, screensavers, and digital pieces in general) also will have the chance to be part of the monthly member illustration, made with all of your wants and ideas convine with my magic hands (plus all of the rest of the content) ♥

• Final pieces (monthly member illustration doesnt count) will be public for everyone to see and posted here before my instagram! ♥

You can also book an art comission with me! Lets make your ideas happen!

Thanks for checking my profile and supporting my dreams ♥

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i hope this helps

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