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Hello, curious and kind one 👋

Welcome! I'm a writer, author of GO: A memoir of wanderlust and anxiety, and a mentor for aspiring nonfiction authors. I'm thrilled to help people bring their own creativity and desires to life — that's essentially what I've written about in various forms, for more than a decade.

These days, while I work on my second book, I lovingly craft my monthly Notes from the Studio and host book chats, to give nonfiction readers and writers tips and strategies for their own work, a look into mine at times, and insights from my latest top read by the bed.

If I've helped *you* out in some way and you'd like to say thanks — or simply support independent creativity — you're a gem and I'd love a cup of tea. Anything you offer here will likely mean more than you know.

Raising my 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' mug to you! ☺️

With love,
Sara x