I am SO EXCITED to announce that we are officially launching a membership program on August 23, 2021! Though if you're as excited as I am, you can sign up today.

Why join the Hello, Taee membership?

While we're still working out the finer details, we've got a ton of excellent membership perks coming your way, including:

  • Member's only podcastThe Fattest Girl in the Room is coming back this fall as an interview-first show, but if you want a little more one-on-one time, our membership only podcast will give you additional monthly episodes (read: more talk about Brendan Fraser)

  • Guest Q+As—if you want to know more about our podcast guests, you'll need to come hangout in the membership area

  • Weekly outfit picks—if you were a fan of our old outfit of the week posts you'll be thrilled to know we're bringing them back, exclusively to our membership

  • First access to online events—that's right, online events! We're not talking webinars and talks (though we can bring those your way if you want) we're talking online movie nights, murder mystery parties, and game nights.

  • Exclusive discounts—we're going to be bringing some products, both digital and physical, your way, and members are going to get some sweet discounts.

Not ready yet?

If you want to support Hello, Taee but aren't ready to commit to a membership yet, you can "buy us a pizza." Which is a fancy way of saying send us a little cheddar. Just flip from the "membership" tab to "support" and you can throw some pizza cash our way.

Adding a membership doesn't mean we're making big changes to the free content we put out at all. Content on the Hello, Taee blog will continue to publish a few times per week, and you can access it free of charge. If you want more from us, sign up to the Hello, Taee email list where you can get fresh content delivered to your inbox (also free).