Buy Henrique a coffee


Hey there 👋 Henrique here,

A veteran D&D Dungeon Master who loves to host adventures, and have recently started to casually develop them as interactive graphic stories.

Although it is not exactly a job for me, it does takes time and resources. In fact, I have paid for pixel art and sound effects quite a few times now... not to mention all that online classes and endless tutorials... and all that crashes I had to workaround and ... ANYWAY...

Please, take a look at my first release "right here!" It's completely free of charge with no ads nor in-app purchases!

Let's say you had a good time... would you buy me a coffee then?

I would appreciate it immensely and that would keep me up and motivated for creating more good quality retro adventures for all of you guys out there!

Thanks for your time and support, you lovely magic person!

Henrique Lima