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My name is Jason. I'm a qualified Egyptologist who loves sharing my passion for all things ancient Egyptian. I completed my Master of Arts degree (Egyptology) at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia).

Why am i here?

Well, travelling around to these different European museums to showcase their Egyptian collections costs me alot of money (and time), and I receive no funding or endorsements in return. 

Many of these museums do not adequately showcase their Egyptian collections on social media, and catalogues that may exist are outdated or out of print. If it wasn't for the Heqaib account, chances are you would never know of and see these wonderful images at all. By supporting Heqaib you get the opportunity to view the very best of these collections and from the comfort of your own device!

Any support goes toward covering travel, accommodation, entrance fees, research (catalogues & time) and technology costs.

What you get in return is 💯 original content that has been researched by a professional, and personal satisfaction in helping Heqaib on future journeys. Plus he will never say no to you buying him a few 🍻 

Thanks for the support, you made my day!