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Hey 👋 , How are you? I am a student , i study computer science , work a  job , and trying to start a small business on the side. One day i dream of buying a small beautiful home on the mountains, from where i can run my business. But in the meantime, i am working towards my goals step by step.

What is your goal? I am asking you because we can work on them together. On my YouTube channel 'HerStudyLatte' , i create study videos, where we both can sit together without any distractions and can work towards our goals , be it getting good marks in an upcoming exam or creating a design plan for your business or be it anything under the world , we can be buddies. So do join me on my YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Also, do check out some of the planners i have here. If you like any , and decide to buy it from me, it would be awesome. That money will go towards my tiny dream home and some towards people in need.