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Greetings, oxygen breather! You have the opportunity to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole of a women-created comic and passion project. Will you take the ride? Plants and punk rock collide on a tale of apocalyptic reckoning. The graphic novel Herbs for the Apocalypse is a fusion of medical plant knowledge woven into a tale of resilience and resistance in trying times. 

We are in a final crowdfunding push to make the print edition a reality. Our work is primarily volunteer-run. Please support independent artists and plant-inspired visions to collectively learn and fight for the right to utilize the gifts of mother nature. 

We are asking our fans, followers, and friends to help us in the final push to get this indie comic to print by Fall 2022. This project means a lot to the creators (Sarah and Rokaya) and the community at large who has been touched or otherwise moved by this work. We will honor your contributions by bringing the spirit of a women created graphic novel into the forthcoming print edition, the way it was always meant to be! We have to raise funds to enable this story to exist in the current reality. Rokaya and Sarah use empowering imagery and writing to elevate women in the tale and hold the vision for a more just world for all of Earth’s beings.

We were able to reach 61% of our original crowdfunding goal $8,245 to finance the illustrations. We deeply appreciate your support. We currently need to raise $2,000 to be able to print our limited-edition, 300 copy print edition goal. 

You can generally support our work and vision by giving a one-time donation or by making monthly contributions. Any amount is massively appreciated (by the plants too!)

Those donating $50 or more will receive a print edition.

To learn more about Herb for the Apocalypse (the comic, project, and MORE) check out Spread the word and get in touch if you want more info or would like to explore collaboration.

Massive thanks to mother nature and you for finding yourself here, of all places and spaces in the interwebs.

Herbs for the Apocalypse

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