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Greetings, oxygen breather! You have the opportunity to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole of a women created comic and passion project. Will you take the ride? Plants and punk rock collide on a tale of apocalyptic reckoning.

The graphic novel Herbs for the Apocalypse is currently in the works. The comic is a fusion of medical plant knowledge woven into a tale of resilience and resistance in trying times. The main character, Sofia, is a dreamer rooted by her love of plant life. Her muses return the favor with whispers of the Earth’s wisdom. As she navigates the niggling faults of human existence, she explores what it means to find peace of mind and acceptance.

Herbs for the Apocalypse is currently released digitally as a Sunday Comic. Then there will be a print edition. Screen fiends and book geeks unite. Please support independent artists and plant inspired visions to collectively learn and fight for the right to utilize the gifts of mother nature. The style of the book is a throwback to "zines" from the early 90's. And no graphic novel called Herbs for the Apocalypse would be complete without its own musical soundtrack.

You may sign up for the Sunday Comic, where a chapter is released online each week, where a chapter per week is sent to you with the soundtrack that fuels the pages. The digital chapters are available for one week, and then they self destruct (apocalyptic, eh?). But all are welcome to sign up for the comic at any time. For those craving the archive, you will have to wait for the print edition.

The print version will be ready within a year (we hope) and you will be the first to know. In the meantime, you can generally support our work and vision by giving a one time donation or by making monthly contributions. Any amount is massively appreciated (by the plants too!)

To learn more about Herb for the Apocalypse (the comic, project, and MORE) check out Spread the word and get in touch if you want more info or would like to explore collaboration.

Massive thanks to mother nature and to you, for finding yourself here, of all places and spaces in the interwebs.